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322 cyberahsokatano 1 Starkiller Base
287 khalidrafiq138 1092 Pakistan
183 pakistanepeak 1110 Санкт-Петербург
143 pakistani_news 10180 Pakistan
120 Hash_Pakistan 177 +923437577075
107 CtrlSec2 2887 Worldwide
94 CtrlSec0 3546 Worldwide
91 CtrlSec1 2748 Worldwide
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migrants refugees borders #RefugeeCrisis Syria European Mobilisation
migration flow migration crisis open borders #refugeesGr Iraq Amnesty International
migrant camps refugee camps border closure #refugeeswelcome Afghanistan Frontex
irregular migrants asylum seekers border share #FortressEurope Pakistan UNHCR
human rights solidarity No borders #ProMuslimRefugees Idomeni UN Refugee Agency
ISIS daesh #OpentheBorders #helpiscoming Calais @Moving Europe
muslims islamists #solidaritywithrefugees Lesbos
Balkan route rapefugees #safepassage Lesvos
Aylan #antireport Lesbosisland
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  • User Avatar
    AbhaDeshai 29/04/16 01:57

    Pentagon Working To 'Take Out' ISIS's Internet: The US military's secretive Cyber Command (CYBERCOM) is working to destroy the ISIS g...

  • User Avatar
    28/04/16 04:24 lazzycow

    \"U.N. Envoy Prods U.S. and Russia to ‘Revitalize’ Syria Cease-Fire\" by NICK CUMMING-BRUCE via NYT The New York Tim…

  • User Avatar
    Khalil_Mandhro 29/04/16 05:34

    RT @iamAhmadshahzad: Wishing every1 a happy n blessed Friday..may Allah accept our Prayerz n have Mercy on Pakistan ISA 👊🏼🇵🇰 #TGIF

  • User Avatar
    01/05/16 18:48 deafdemocracy

    RT @kanhaiyajnusu: We will not pay the fine and fight the unfair HLEC of JNU. But our solidarity long live! Chatra, Mazdoor, Kisaan ekta Zi…

  • User Avatar
    JennyJewell3 28/04/16 07:41

    RT @Nigel_Farage: Britain's borders a total shambles inside EU. Damaging & unsafe. Theresa May worst Home Secretary. Utter failure. https:/…

  • User Avatar
    28/04/16 06:56 erickaquiones

    Syria Activists Say Airstrikes in Rebel-Held Aleppo Kill 20: Syrian monitoring group, rescue workers say airs...

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